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Captain Bob Thompson

Walleye & Perch Charters



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  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain Gear
  • Cooler for Your Fish
  • Fishing License
    1 day, 3 day or annual licenses available​

    Click Here for License info
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Camera
  • Sea Sickness Medication
    If you know you are prone to sea sickness, it is advised to take a dose the day before as well as morning of.
  • Non Skid Soled Shoes

What to bring   

What not to bring   

What's with the No Banana rule?

There are many theories on why people believe bananas are bad luck for a boat. One superstition is that boats carrying bananas will not  catch fish. The origin of this belief dates back to the Caribbean trade of the 1700s. The wooden sailing boats of that time had to move quickly to deliver bananas before they spoiled, and fishermen had a hard time trolling for fish on such fast-moving boats, which is how the superstition came about. Another superstition that originated during that time is that bananas will cause a boat to sink. This belief developed after many boats never made it to their destinations, and all of the doomed boats were carrying bananas.

Some Captains (like me) are so convinced about bananas that I'd really rather you not only leave the bananas back at the docks, but also keep the Banana Boat sunscreen, your banana flavored lip balm, your banana chips and banana candy off of my boat! I don't understand it, but I make a living trying to get YOU and your amigos onto fish and I´d prefer you not make my day any harder!

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